Roadside Design's Monoposto


Roadside Monoposto is a three-wheeled mean of transportation which is designed to be easily piloted by a regular consumer navigating intercity traffic or just taking a leisure drive.

Compared to a regular bicycle, Monoposto is much safer and more comfortable to pedal due to more sufficient seating position and ergonomics considered.

The three-wheeled mean of transport is intended for everyday usage as a personal transport or for past time related commuting.

The potential group consists of young families with children, living in suburban areas. For them, the main reasons for buying the device could be enhanced safety, comfort, and available option to install additional child seat or having extra luggage space .

The product described provides consumer with low maintenance costs and a longer product lifeline compared to a regular bicycle. We estimate, that driving a Monoposto is roughly 10 times cheaper compared to a car and 3 times when to a scooter, which situates it to a very close category with average bike sold in Estonia.

The product is not oriented towards being sporty or adolescently trendy, although providing aspects making it feasible to be partially categorized in either ( an effective way to exercise and commute while looking somewhat apart). Potential clients are not necessarily categorized by age, income or living space - Monoposto is designed for a self-conscious consumer who's lifestyle is inspired more of amicability, open minded attitude, rather than formality and strict prestigious traditions.

Compared to regular bicycles, this concept allows the accommodation of more luggage and/or an extra seat for a child. Monoposto's recumbent seating position enables more effective ergonomical riding, which allows easier pedalling, enhanced in turn by the light weight construction of the device.

When looking at variety safety aspects, Monoposto provides a selection of advantages, when compared to a regular bicycle.

Better stability - when braking, accelerating or changing of lanes while in traffic or cornering. Better impact resistance - durable space frame alloy construction creates a much smaller chance of injury compared to a regular bicycle.

Additionally, a large variety of optional extras could be added at relative ease, including an e-bike electric motor and internal safe locking system. The batteries for the motor would be charged from either an wall-socket or by flexible solar panels fixed to the top of the device, which nominally could also be used as an main power source of the motor. On the bicycle lane Monoposto takes up as much space in width as a regular bicycle (750mm), which also enables to go through a standard flat door. The length of 2300mm and weight under 22.5 kg makes it even possible to use standard size elevators, should such need ever emerge. Height of 1400mm makes it observable in traffic, enhancing active safety.


Roadside Designs

Lauri-Tanel Välja

Tarmo Härmaorg